Club Services

Buy-Side Consultant

We work as a Buy-Side Consultant to oversee the Purchase of a Soccer Club. We work Side by Side with Investors to identify meaningful Investment Opportunities and facilitate all Aspects of the transaction.

100&10 Global Sportmanagement has expertise in:

  • Identification of investment opportunities based on the strategy of a Client
  • Implementation of a comprehensive operational and industry-specific due diligence
  • Determining an appropriate valuation for the association, company, institution and/or other assets
  • Arranging acquisition financing from multiple sources to ensure efficient execution
  • Management of the press relations surrounding the transaction
  • Support in the search for Managers in key positions after the takeover

M&A on the sell side

As advisors on the selling side, we draw on our industry expertise to properly position the asset in the marketplace, while leveraging our network to help sellers maximize the proceeds from the sale of their assets. In addition to our extensive North American network, we have developed relationships with emerging market investors in Asia, India and the Middle East. Through our sell-side services, we offer our clients access to an international investor base, increasing the likelihood of a successful deal.

Transactions by minority and limited partnerships

In addition to majority purchases and sales of teams, we advise both buyers and sellers in transactions involving minority or limited partnership interests in teams or other entities. We understand the complexities associated with the purchase or sale of a non-controlling interest in a franchise or other assets, which enables us to successfully execute minority or limited partnership transactions for our clients.

Raising capital for sports and media operating companies

We advise the founders and management teams of sports and media companies on the procurement of equity and debt capital and carry this out.  We focus on companies that have a direct interface to fans, teams, leagues, corporate sponsors and/or media operators.  Our clients are generally by revenue and have demonstrated significant revenue growth and a reasonable competitive position.

Acquisition and asset financing

We provide debt and equity capital raising for high net worth individuals, professional sports franchises, facilities, leagues and sports-related media and entertainment companies. Through our network of capital providers, we are able to access various sources of finance to identify the most efficient structure at the most favourable terms.


Our team is experienced in providing a wide range of restructuring services to support debtors and creditors in numerous capacities in a variety of scenarios. Our services include managing restructuring negotiations, assisting in the preparation of business plans, preparing fairness opinions and raising capital to support the restructured companies.


We specialize in providing value-added consulting services to sports franchises and sports-related businesses, with a focus on improving financial and operational performance. The services offered include business plan analysis and formulation, advice on corporate structure, liquidity and cash flow assessment, executive recruitment assistance, public relations management and other areas as required.