“What does 100&10 Sportmanagement stand for?”

100&10 is not just an ordinary Players Agency. 100&10 is also not a Philosophy or a Form of Motivation. It is much more a Way of Life. It is our Attitude towards Life, because we are not satisfied with half measures. Both for your Sporting and Private Goals.

With this Attitude we approach our daily work. We give everything for our Players to get the Maximum out of them. Only those who always give 100&10 Percent can rise above themselves.

To get out of your Talent and your Possibilities what you might not have thought possible before, that is our Task and for that we go to our Limits and beyond for our Players.

Everybody thinks they can consult, but not everybody can get the missing last Percent out of you. Only those who live 100&10 and stand up for it can do that. Because that is the thin Line between Middle Class and absolute High Class.

The Difference between Winning or Losing, between Goal or no Goal, between First Place or Second Place is exactly this 10 Percent.

You only have one Career! Only one Chance to get the Best out of yourself!

Together with you we give: 100&10 % !!!

How do we get you to your Goal?

How do we implement the „100&10“ Attitude to Life?

How do we proceed in a Partnership?

Before we start the Partnership, we will take a very close look at you as a Footballer & Human Being. In a Personal Meeting, we get to know you and your Family better and analyse your Situation, but most importantly how we can get you from your Current State to the Ideal State (Goal).

How do we bring you to your Goal?

After a detailed Analysis of your Sporting Abilities & after getting to know you Personally, we will work out a Systematic-Career-Plan with you and your Family. This is based on your current Sporting and Private Situation and contains many different Stages on your Career Path. This planning is based on many Years of experience in working with youth Players and Professional Players.





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