Players Services

Career Planning

Professional Career Planning is the Basis for a Long-Term and successful Career in Professional Football. Our most important Task is to prepare the Player perfectly for “this only one” Situation. In our Individual Career Planning, we rely on a Systematic, sustainable Concept from Day one that is tailored to the Individual Circumstances of the Football Player. In this Cooperation, we go onto our Limits every day and use our Experience, Skills and Contacts to support our Players and help them to achieve a successful Career. We know the Way to the „Big“ Football Stage and know that it should be taken Step by Step. An important Factor here is continuous Personality Development, which we promote with honesty and the necessary Sensitivity. Nowadays, the ability for Self-Reflection is more important than ever in Football, so that Players can recognise where they still have Potential for further Development.

In addition to structured Career Planning, we are also concerned with the Career after the Career, because a Football-Player has only a Limited Time in which he can earn Money with his Profession “Professional Player”, so the Time after the Football Career is enormously important and must also be planned with the same enthusiasm as the Time during the Career.



Is it a greater Success to become Worldchampion, or after deciding to work with “100&10” at the Age of 27 to make the Move from the Regional League to the Moroccan National Player and participate in a Worldchampionship?


“It seems like it was yesterday when me and my Family sit together with the Team of “100&10″ and talked about Wishes & Goals for my Career. At my previous Agency I was not satisfied and at that Time a Professional Assignment at FC Schalke 04 was comparable to reaching for the Stars. I played for FC Schalke 04 II in the 5th League and saw my Future outside of Schalke. Half a Year later, through many intensive Mental-Sessions & countless Individualtraining Sessions on the Pitch organized by 100&10, I signed a Professional Contract with my Youth Club and fulfilled a Childhood Dream of standing on the Pitch in Front of 62.000 Fans in „Veltins Arena”.


When we talked about my Goals for my Career at our First Meeting with the Team of “100&10”, it was an absolute Dream of playing in the Premier League one Day, when I actually wasn’t even allowed to play for the Second Team of FC Ingolstadt. But with a structured Career Planning, countless intensive & innovative Training-Sessions, both Physical and Mental, we made this “Dream” come True together. For this I thank the Team of “100&10”


Individual Care & Advice

Our Individual Support for the Players includes Round-the-Clock Assistance in any Life Situation. Our well-founded Network of Partners enables us to support the Player in all Areas. We represent our Players in National as well as International Transfers or Contract Negotiations with a high Degree of Consulting Competence. In these Negotiations we exclusively represent the Interests of our Players.

„With us you are not just any Player, with us you are the Star and get the Full Attention“

MR 100&10

Game and Training Analysis

Through continuous Match and Training Analyses we help our Players to analyse their Strengths and Weaknesses and to Strengthen or Eliminate them. Professional Football is a Meritocracy, therefore the constant Reflection of one’s own Performance is extremely important. Based on the Analyses, we develop Ideas and plans for our Players to eliminate Weaknesses and develop Strengths.

„Playing Football is very simple, but playing simple Football is the Hardest“

Johan Cruyff


Through many Years of Experience in the Football Business, we have close and trusting Relationships with almost all Sporting Directors, Managers, Scouts and Coaches of Professional Leagues in Germany and in the whole World.

„Building a good Network requires Effort, Honesty and Time.“

Alan Collins

Individual Training

We try to get Better and Better together. In every Trainingsession, in every Minute of a Game, in every Situation in Life we always give 100&10 Percent. We provide you with all available Methods and experts to make you better.

  • Strengthen Strengths & weaken Weaknesses
  • Individual Training-Camps
  • Training and Competition Processes
  • Innovative Training Methods
  • Nutrition and Training Plans

„I hated every Minute of Practice. But i told myself: Don´t give up. Suffer now and live the Rest of your Life as a Champion.“

Muhammad Ali


Social Media Support

Nowadays, Social Media is much more Important than it was a few Years ago, and offers a lot of Obstacles. In order to avoid “Mistakes” in the use of Social media, we support our Players in any Questions concerning these topics.

„The new Media bring many new Possibilities, but also many new stupid Things.“

Ernst Ferstl


A successful Career requires a Systematically planned Marketing of the Player. For this purpose, we rely on the Profound Knowledge of our Experts in this Area. We support our Players with Professional Marketing on all Social Media as well as in Interviews. In addition, we attach great importance to an honest and authentic Relationship with the Players’ Fanbase.

„Marketing is the Art of Identifying, Developing and Profiting from Opportunities.“

Philip Kotler